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The Little Guide Deck

A high-vibe oracle deck. Created for your everyday advice, guidance and insight. Includes 55 cards & booklet.

21 day healing with Angel

Join our next 21-day, long-distance, healing & transmission. You will receive a daily boost of healing energies, and blessings to help you detox your energy and raise your vibration.

Healing with Andreas

Time to cleanse your aura & chakras? Get rid of some unwanted energy, or just boost your overall energetic health? Book your session with Andreas here.

About Us!

The Nordic Light


Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Tarot Reader

Angel went through a spiritual awakening in 2016, followed by her kundalini rising. With deep devotion she is walking on the path, of full liberation. She practices the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Vipassana meditation, transcending the mind and painbody. She also feels a strong calling towards teaching and guiding others on the same path. Her strengths are: her devotion, psychic abilities, energy awareness, sensitivity and, heart-based connection with the spiritual realms.


Energy- and Reiki Healer

Andreas started walking on the spiritual path already from age of 17, when he started to practice the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Later on he also started practicing Chi Gong and Vipassana meditation. He is very dedicated to his own spiritual awakening and has a natural connection to the spiritual realms. He is devoted to be a frequency holder of light and awareness. His strengths are his; awakened heart, energy-awareness, kindness, grounded energy, and ability to detox and cleanse the aura and chakras.

The Nordic Light, On YouTube (check a reading)!


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